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Welcome to Coverts hidden camera systems


Professionally installed, High quality, Covert CCTV systems.

Welcome to Coverts hidden camera covert CCTV systems

Covert CCTV

The hidden camera or covert CCTV, specialist suppliers and installation experts in the UK.

Why covert CCTV surveillance?

Covert CCTV Surveillance is a convenient and cost effective way to monitor and primarily gain essential evidence of a suspected criminal carrying out a criminal offence.

What services do Coverts provide?

We provide high quality covert CCTV equipment, for individuals, companies or organizations with or without an existing CCTV system. We aim to make the whole process as discreet as necessary to fulfil your specific needs.

When can covert CCTV be installed?

We are able to carry out installations at a time convenient for you and your business. This includes out of business hours and at weekends. Once you have a hidden camera system installed you can ensure 24 hour discreet video surveillance recording of your covert camera. Whatever the need, we can accommodate with our specialist hidden camera equipment.


Please feel free to contact us with any enquiry you should have regarding our hidden video camera surveillance systems, We aim to provide a professional and unbiased solution, custom to your specific requirements.

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